Scott Dacey Release New Ad Denouncing Walter Jones for George Soros Ties

NEW BERN, NC – Earlier today, Craven County Commissioner Scott Dacey released a scathing television ad calling out opponent Walter Jones for his substantial ties to liberal super-donor George Soros.

            The ad calls out Walter Jones for accepting over $80,000 in George Soros-backed campaign contributions – and identifies this $80,000 as a reason Jones fails to support President Trump. Meanwhile, Jones consistently votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other Republican in Congress.

George Soros, the liberal Democratic super-donor behind movements to impeach President Trump, repeal the Second Amendment, and introduce amnesty and open borders, and his family started the group Friends of Democracy to help advance their causes.

Friends of Democracy funnels contributions from Soros-tied donors to their supporting candidates. Walter Jones is listed as a Friends of Democracy “House Champion,” as the Soros family has chosen to recognize Jones for his contribution to their causes.

The contributions are then processed by liberal Clinton-Obama campaign insiders who now run the group Democracy Engine. Jones consistently makes payments to Democracy Engine for their processing of donations given through Friends of Democracy.

The donate portal for Friends of Democracy via Democracy Engine can be found here:

Of the 79 candidates Friends of Democracy supports, Jones is the only Republican on the list, with all remaining 78 candidates being liberal Democrats – including Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison.

Over the past four years, Walter Jones has accepted more than $80,000 from a network of organizations that are backed by the Soros Family and other prominent far-left activists.  The same individuals behind Friends of Democracy and Democracy Engine fund radical liberal causes across the country to oppose President Trump.  Now we know why Walter Jones votes against President Trump more than any other Republican in Congress,” Scott Dacey responded.

The full television ad can be found here:

            This ad is another part of Dacey’s television ad program, which recently follows a positive ad introducing voters to Scott Dacey and his family. That ad also highlighted Dacey’s support of President Trump and Scott’s record growing the economy and fighting illegal immigration as a county commissioner.