To all supporters of Scott Dacey –
We appreciate your support and kind words of encouragement!
The May 8th primary is fast approaching! We thank you your support so far – but we need more than just your vote. Our campaign plans require a strong ground game; we need to assemble grassroots teams for us to deploy in the field.Will you join our team and become a valuable volunteer, helping us ensure a conservative victory and sending an effective congressman to represent us in DC?
Our team is in search of volunteers to carry out the following missions:
1. Organize volunteers to canvass their neighborhoods in support of Scott Dacey for Congress.
2. Making campaign cold calls to family, friends, neighbors, and voters in the 3rd congressional district on the behalf of Scott Dacey for Congress.
3. Most importantly, our team needs to recruit and coordinate poll workers to hand out campaign material during early voting and election day.
Every door knock, phone call, and voter interaction at the polls is crucial to ensuring a victory for our team!
Also, if you are in college or high school, or know someone who is, our campaign can provide internships for dedicated students with school credit opportunities. This is a great step in preparing yourself for job opportunities in politics.
If you’re interested in volunteering or interning with our campaign, please contact Steven Overby. He will be collecting your location and specific way you’d be interested in helping our campaign. You can also reach him by email at or by phone at 910.554.6924.
We are grateful for your support. See you out on the campaign trail!
– Team Dacey